Elfreda Family


 Retained cows In this Family







Whitfield Elfreda C676 Whitfield Jason Eric Z171 Whitfield Elfreda Y944 C676 31/03/2003


Elfreda Family Pedigree


Elfreda 14th of Whitfield by Ushaw Bard
Elfreda 7th of Whitfield by Nightingale Dutchman
Elfreda 2nd of Whitfield by Nightingale Rebellion
Elfrada of Ushaw by Coralta Challenger 39'72
Elfreda 7th of Little Dean by Emperor Euphemus of Downside
Elfreda 2nd of Little Dean by Jangat Eric
Eleanor 2nd of Little Dean by Jacqumar Eric of Broadleys
Eleanor of Logie by Victor of Tillybin
Essara of Bleaton by Escort of Ballindalloch
Esslara of Bleaton by Euren of Ballindalloch
Essla of Bleaton by Esquire of Harviestoun
Essa of Bleaton by Baron of Beauford
Estha of Bleaton by Eradiator
Esthonia 2nd of Ballintomb by Eloff
Esthonia of Laggan by Edward R
Eriskine by Eolide
Eppie of Laggan by Entwhistle
Eriskay by Ealdorman
Eleanor by Ballimore
Ebony by Victor of Ballindoch
Enchantress by Trojan
Erica by Cupbearer
Emily by Old Jock

Pedigree courtesy of Breed Historian, J. Rainy Brown.



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