Georgina Family


Nightingale Georgina 3rd and Grace of the Moss were purchased to bring the line here.  The original Georgina cow Black Browe Georgina 75E was part of the first importation from Canada in November 1974.  She produced ten calves to average 3708.   This family has always produced very fertile cows.



D.O.B 20/5/98 P.G.S. Young Dale Hogan 3Y(imp)
S. Nightingale Regent(RWZ R27) P.G.D.  Nightingale Roweena K3
D. Georgina 11th of Whitfield(RUW T1) M.G.S. 4S Ponderosa
M.G.D. Georgina of Whitfield (RUW J7)


Retained cows in this family






Georgina 21st of Whitfield   

Rito 2100 GDAR  

Georgina 11th of Whitfield(T1)   

RUW W3  


Georgina 29th of Whitfield   

Nightingale Regent R27  

Geogina 11th of Whitfield(T1)   

RUW X40  


Whitfield Georgina B434 Gothic of Whitfield (W45) Georgina 21st of Whitfield (W3) B434 14/04/2002
Whitfield Georgina D646 Whitfield Jason Eric Z171 Georgina 21st of Whitfield(W3) D646 16/03/2004
Whitfield Georgina D741 Nightingale Donnie A087 Whitfield Georgina Z732 D741 11/03/2004
Whitfield Georgina E040 Nightingale Donnie A087 Whitfield Georgina Y978 E040 12/09/2005
Whitfield Georgina E975 Whitfield Jason Eric Z171 Whitfield Georgina B434 E975 23/03/2005
Whitfield Georgina G336 Whitfield Jason Eric Z171 Georgina 6th of Whitfield G336 10/06/2007



Georgina Family Pedigree


Georgina of Whitfiield Cudlobe Sir Baros 24M (imp)
Nightingale Georgina 3rd Ellanin Transformer 38K (imp)
Black Browe Georgina 75E(imp. to England) Diamondhead Bandoliermere 1Y
Black Browe Georgina HPS 1Y Valleymere E 31P
Georgina of Valleymere 19 Dalrenemere 45
Georgina of Valleymere 3 Dalrene Eric Bandolier
Georgina of Dalrene 12 Dalrene Black La Bard
Georgina of Dalrene Northland Blackcap Bard 4
Georgina of Skillymarno 2nd Gay Lad of Skillymarno 2nd
Georgina of Skillymarno Master of Skillymarno
Gerana of Skillymarno 5th Cupbearer of Skillymarno
Gerana of Skillymarno 2nd Proud Eric of Skillymarno
Gerana of Ballintomb (imp. to Canada) Prince Blueblood of Ballindoch
Gloria of Ballintomb 4th George R of Ballindoch
Gabrielle Baron Kerrara
Gem of Abergeldie Fashion of Abergeldie
Gentian of Ballindoch Prince Inca
Genistae Erroll
Georgina of Aberlour Whig
Georgina of Burnside Baronet of Drumin
Duchess of Drumin Marshal
Drumin Queen Defiance
Prince of Drumin Aberdeen Angus Bull
Bell of Burnside Roger 70
Susan of Burnside 166 Reg. in 1st Herd Book, born approx. 1850

Gem of Abergeldie


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