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Our herd was founded in 1982 with the purchase of a heifer Petura 18th of Classlochie at Perth.  Other  females have been purchased over the years of which the most influential have been Nightingale Georgina 3rd, Bella of Makerfield, Jewliva Erica of Cubbyhill and Grace of the Moss.  

Most of the bulls used as natural sires have been purchased from the Nightingale herd of Mr & Mrs WA Robertson Bishampton. Worcestershire. They are the progeny of some of the most impressive Angus cattle to have been imported from Canada.  Our breeding program  is designed to produce upstanding, clean-bodied cattle with plenty of growth potential.   The sire Young Dale Hogan 3Y imported by Nightingale has had the biggest influence on the herd.  We have used a son, three grandsons, and a great grandson as natural service sires in addition to the bull himself and his famous son Nightingale Regent R27 on A.I.  Every animal born in the herd in 2005 has at least one cross of Hogan 3Y  - some have four crosses.  Hogan 3Y himself has four crosses of KEN CARYL MR ANGUS 8017 573547 in his pedigree.

Two cows have also had a very large influence.  We have used two son's and  one grandson of MVF Tibbie 1Z a former all Canada female of the year.  Tibbie 1Z is bred from the famous RIDGE LANE TIBBIE 34N 553519 the dam of the great Tibbie family that has dominated the Canadian show ring for nearly two decades.  Two sons, one grandson and one great grandson of KBJ Duchess 66W have been used as natural service sires in addition to various bulls on A.I. which are more distant relatives.  Duchess 66W is bred from the Sunmound Duchess line that is noted for producing an abundance of muscling. 



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